The NBN IS COMING and at South Central Electrical we can help you prepare to make the most of it when it arrives in your area. When you get access to the National Broadband Network in your part of the country, it’s going to provide you with a lot of things to think about, but first of all, you need to be ready for it.

At South Central Electrical, we’ve got the expertise, knowhow and resources to advise you on the many options available to make your life easier with the right NBN installations. Once you’ve worked out what you want, we can provide you with customised solutions for all your internet needs designed to suit your particular requirements. The choices are many and it can be very confusing, but our friendly team can help you make the best choices for your home or commercial premises.

We can save you money by providing centralised distribution systems that operate on your existing internet connections. We can solve any wireless access needs by installing routers in central positions, laying data links from NBN equipment or prewiring and installing conduit to certified NBN enclosures.

We’re experts at the whole spectrum of applications, so we can provide custom solutions for all your internet, networking, data, phone, television and audio visual needs, in one professional service.


We’ll ensure you get the right systems to suit your situation and can install NBN certified enclosures to house all your equipment in one tidy location with access throughout your premises. With a centralised system you’ll be able to view everything including PayTV, security cameras and broadcast the internet to any or all televisions in your home.

You can have your equipment installed wherever you want it, with a central distribution board that provides a tidy solution for cables and makes upgrading your equipment much easier. We provide a range of solutions for pre-wiring before the changeover to NBN to make transition to the new system much easier and problem free.

When your existing phone lines become obsolete with the introduction of the NBN, we can provide internal links to reinstate phone wires enabling you to connect with NBN equipment.Our expertise in quality installations makes the changeover easy for everyone because we can provide tailor made solutions for every situation.

When the NBN reaches you, call us at South Central Electrical for the best solutions.