You’ll be amazed at what can be achieved with the right expertise in setting your home up to provide full automation of all your services. Our electricians are professional who are up to date with all the latest developments and technologies in all the electrical systems that we access every day at home and at work. We’ve got the experience to advise you on a system that will bring everything together in one easy to use remote control device.

We’re licensed dealers and suppliers of push controls which enable installation of fully integrated systems for all the equipment in your premises using infrared remote controls.

Whether you want to use a Smart device such as and IPad, IPhone or Tablet, we can provide a customised user friendly interface to give you complete control over music, lighting and all electrical devices in your home. We can save you a lot of time, hassle and money by installing wireless network systems that are linked and centralised which can reach a much broader range in your premises without any loss of signal strength.


A complete home audio system with integrated App control enables you to direct and control music to every part of your home, all within your Smart device, it’s that easy.

We’re qualified to install all these products and we only source and supply the best brands on the market.

As well as all this we can install home theatre systems, flat screen and audio wall mountings, digital antenna installations and all your television, phone, internet and data points.

And that’s just part of what we do.